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Cost & Treatment Tracker

One thing I found really important is to keep track of every treatment, every dollar you spend and everything in between.  I kept track of ovulation tests, prenatals, ultrasounds, blood tests, you name it... if it was in relation to fertility, I tracked it.  You will be gobsmacked on the costs as they add up.  

Although there are apps for tracking costs, I personally found it easier to see it all in a Google Spreadsheet. Because i could add all the small stuff too.  It is also nice to have a timeline for it all. 

Below is a master copy link that you can use.  Once you open this, you can edit as you see fit.  Add additional columns or tabs, whatever you want to track.  

My additional columns were Donor numbers, pharmacy costs comparisons and ovulation tracker (which I didn't use because I use Pre Mom app for that) 

Cost & Treatment Tracker: HTML Embed


Cost & Treatment Tracker: HTML Embed
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