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Sabishii is a very naive and submissive person who is constantly pestered by Uchuu in the form of noogies and threats. Sabishii does not like to fight (often unable to overcome any obstacles presented) but being a Jinchūriki normally increases his aggression. While loosing control he becomes dangerously unstable, showing signs of insanity and aggression, spouting senseless comments and laughing at random moments. Sabishii is incredibly nervous and jumpy, and the slightest thing can make him frightened. Sabishii is also incredibly emotional and sensitive. After sabishii becomes friends with the members of Team Haibun, however, Sabishii begins to become surer of himself, but still has difficulty making decisions. He soon begins to distinguish the difference between good and evil.


Technically, 寂しい (sabishii / samishii) means "I'm lonely." However, Japanese people say it a lot to one another when they mean to say "I'm lonely (because I'm not with you." In a way, this makes it a kind of substitute for "I miss you," also.

As their friendship develops into a gentle love affair, it is bedeviled at every turn by the enormous linguistic gap between them. His Japanese is rudimentary, her English enthusiastic but eccentric, and with one or the other of them confusing words like "Tuesday" and "Thursday," "yesterday" and "tomorrow," sabishii and subarashii ("lonely" and "wonderful"), much confusion results. 041b061a72


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