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Cooper Cooper
Cooper Cooper

Sanguine Rose [v4.1] [Completed]

If you go to any of the taverns in Skyrim, then once you are at least level 14, he will challenge you to a drinking contest and give you 3 flagons. After you drink them, you will blackout and wake up to a woman, who will say that you had blacked out and then send you on a quest. You will get sanguines rose as a reward.

Sanguine Rose [v4.1] [Completed]


I'm not quite that sanguine, from either a short-term or longer-term standpoint. Blucora has - finally - completed the multi-year transformation it started in 2011. There's still a lot to like here, TaxACT (as it's now named) most notably. The fact that past acquisitions were an unmitigated disaster (TaxACT excluded) is immaterial. 041b061a72


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