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The Best Sandblasting Services in New Jersey

Sandblasting is widely used to clean and prepare metal and non-metal objects. It has a wide range of applications across industries including construction, manufacturing, marine, and more. 

 At Rusty Lions, we offer high-quality sandblasting services to clean, prep, de-rust, or remove paint from parts. Our clients range from automotive to architectural and industrial to residential. We have an extensive facility with cutting-edge equipment to sandblast metal items, concrete, glass, and even wood. 

 Uses of Sandblasting 

 Sandblasting is an abrasive finishing method that projects fine sand particles onto a surface at high pressure and velocity. The process is used for:

·        Cleaning

Sandblasting effectively removes oil, dirt, grease, rust, and other impurities from the object.

·        Pretreatment 

Sandblasting is used to prime objects before a paint or powder coating job.

·        Paint Removal

Old parts can be rejuvenated with sandblasting which removes the prior paint from the object.

·        Removing Surface Defects

The abrasive qualities of sand and soda can also smoothen surfaces and round rough edges on commercial items for an aesthetic look. 

 Obtain a Quote for Sandblasting Services by Rusty Lions

Whether you need to prepare your objects or protect them from rusting, our sandblasting services will result in the desired finish with fast turnaround and competitive prices. We also use water and soda as abrasive materials to achieve the finish your project demands. 

 Let us handle your sandblasting needs meticulously as per your specifications. We have the equipment and expertise to deliver high-volume projects on time. 

 Call 347-613-8103 or send an email to to get a quote for our sandblasting services. 


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