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OMSI 2 Add-on AI-Articulated Bus For Vienna Download Gratis Extra Quality

This add-on requires a working copy of the OMSI 2 program installed. This can be downloaded for free at the OMSI 2 website. Please make sure that the OMSI 2 program you download actually works with your computer. In some cases an e-mail is sent to the buyers address with a link to the download. Please note that this email will only arrive if the OMSI 2 program can be installed properly. If you did not receive the e-mail then check your spam folder, if not then please contact us at

OMSI 2 Add-on AI-Articulated Bus for Vienna download gratis

  • Warning! OMSI 2 Add-on AI-Articulated Bus for Vienna includes the mode LU 200 and the original component of the Vienna Add-on, therefore you may experience the following issues while playing: AI cannot perform any task related to the LU 200. You can still use the tool window to prepare and execute the LU 200. The AI scripts have the code of LU 200 for the most part, so the loading of the LU 200 still works properly.

  • The original Vienna add-on changes the track number of three passenger lines between the last stations Zlatopol and Hiedlerhilf.

We are happy to announce that is now the official primary source for genuine OMSI 2 Add-on AI-Articulated Bus for Vienna. The other known sources have been switched off in the meantime. The download link for OMSI 2 Add-on AI-Articulated Bus for Vienna that you see here will redirect you to the official source, from where we also receive a percentage of the sales. Only download from the official source is on the list of so-called verified sources for OMSI 2 Add-on AI-Articulated Bus for Vienna


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