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Cooper Cooper

Lady Bloodfight _VERIFIED_

It's an all-female semi-remake of Bloodsport, but the script and editing don't do the mostly awesome lady fighters justice. I'm a sucker for tournament of fighters of different styles, and there are some cool fights here, just wish they showcased them better. Sadly there's no female counterpart to the sumo wrestler in Bloodsport.

Lady Bloodfight

Not gonna pretend there aren't problems with this movie, the biggest being the weird choppy editing of the fights, but overall this was a fun movie that passes the Bechdel test with flying colors. Thank the Kumite Gods that the filmmakers didn't try to shoehorn a love interest for the main lady bloodfighter.

So you can believe me when I say that just because this new film Lady Bloodfight looks terrible, that does not make me want to watch it any less. And boy, does the trailer make it look cheesetastic. From the mentor character who just doesn't understand her American trainee to all the dark lady glares each combatant gives each other. Now, the trailer is a little choppy, which worries me. I enjoy fighting movies that don't use jump cuts to fake action, but trailers often do things like that to push pacing. Everything about this movie screams funny bad. 041b061a72


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