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Cooper Cooper
Cooper Cooper

Chicago P.D. Season 10 - Episode 11

Before season 10, episode 11 of Chicago PD, the only concrete elements of Atwater's backstory were that his parents were absentee and that he had legal guardianship over his younger siblings (Zoe Ishmael and Bobbi MacKenzie, Kylen Davis). But now, Atwater's father, Lew (Erik LaRay Harvey), has been fully introduced, and Chicago PD season 10 revealed that he got into criminal trouble because the family needed money. Additionally, Lew told Atwater that he went to prison when he refused to snitch on his peers. Afterward, he purposefully did not allow his son to visit him, as he did not want Atwater to see him as a criminal but to remember him as he was.

Chicago P.D. Season 10 - Episode 11



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