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Where Do You Buy Luggage _TOP_

Craftsmanship is back. Our bags are fully color-customizable so you can create a one-of-a-kind design. From hard shell luggage to soft bags and travel gear, we build in the USA, give you 100 days to love it or get your money back, and guarantee it from damage -- for life. What are you waiting for?

where do you buy luggage

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A lot of lightweight bags are soft-sided, which is great for stuffing the bag into a small overhead bin space. If you tend to travel with items that could be easily damaged, then go with a harder side piece of luggage.

My favorite is the canary yellow Samantha Brown luggage I purchased last year. I have three pieces, and LOVE them. I actually had an overweight bag because I could get so much in my large wheeled suitcase. You did an awesome job on the design, it works well!

I am obsessed with Samantha Brown luggage and have purchased every set she has had on HSN!! I travel on business quite frequently and am constantly asked about my beautiful luggage. I have all sizes and most colors and also many of the beautiful accessory pieces. I hope to see some of the yellow luggage pieces return as I would purchase that as well. Hope Samantha will be back on HSN soon.

Several years ago I bought my dad your carryon luggage that had Dr bag that slipped on top of the carry on. The bags were navy material with brown trim. Do you still carry this style? I bought from HSN

I agree I would really love for you to come up with a line of luggage for men or take what you have an make it more masculine. I love the idea of all your bags but they are a bit to feminine. Love to listen to you.

Your luggage is v pretty and I so wish I felt comfortable using it, but the dowel tote I got in a set broke before I got out of the house. This is marginally better then breaking when I got to the airport but leaves me v concerned about traveling with something this delicate. Mi called HSN and they gave me a phone number that is not answered. Sigh.

I need to find replacement 360 spinner wheels for my luggage. 2 sets of the wheels are non functional and I need to know where I can get come replacements. I check on amazon and I am not seeing the exact wheels that I need. The upper part of the luggage is in good shape but the wheels are worn out. Any suggestions

I have a piece of Samantha Brown Luggage that states it has a 5 yr limited warranty that I brought in 2019 never used because our cruise got cancelled with the pandemic. I used it for the first time on a trip 5/6/21 and The lining ripped and the part/ flip where I could charge my phone came of I think that was d/t them throwing the luggage around but never the less what are my chances for replacement I have gotten a lot a her bags and this is the first time I have encounter a problem I still have the original box and packing slip because like I said I was not able to travel.

Using a luggage lock can help keep your belongings safe while you travel. From traditional padlocks and keys to state-of-the-art card locks, there are a ton of options out there for you to choose from.

A good luggage lock will help to protect your luggage against unnecessary attention from would-be thieves and keep it safe while in transit. A great luggage lock will also be easily accessible for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents that may need to check inside your bag without having to break in or damage your luggage or luggage lock.

These are similar to cable locks in the sense that you have the option to lock your luggage to a fixed object or other luggage, but these are seemingly more convenient as the cable retracts inside the lock itself. While this sounds great in principle, unfortunately with testing, the locking mechanism seems to fail quite frequently, and to make the cable retractable, the cable itself seems less robust than the cables used in the traditional cable locks.

This set of 4 luggage locks is perfect for families traveling together. You and yours can quickly and easily set your 4-digit combination to help keep thieves away from your belongings while in transit.

The ultra-durable zinc alloy bodies and hardened steel shackles ensure that your luggage lock will make it through all kinds of rough airport handling, while the TSA-approved design will ensure that agents can gain easy access to your luggage without causing any damage.

Adjustable from 43 to 75 inches, these luggage straps can fit most suitcases. The heavy-duty, adjustable strap is made from durable material and the plastic buckle has a secure combination lock. Just set your passcode, adjust the strap to fit your case, and you are ready to go.

Cheap and incredibly easy to use, these TSA-approved luggage locks will keep your luggage protected while you travel. Made with a metal lock body and a vinyl-covered cable, this lock will put up with plenty of the wear and tear associated with air travel.

With a huge 4 feet of coated steel cable, this ingenious contraption allows you to secure multiple bags together, or tie your luggage to a fixed object. Great for layovers or long journeys where you would like to leave your belongings in 1 place, this is the perfect lock option for worldwide adventurers.

Smart Lock technology will keep your luggage secure, while the flexible, steel cable is impossible for would-be thieves to cut. The 3-dial combination is the perfect keyless locking solution, while the dial makes it easy to up your security wherever you are in the world.

This set of 2 nifty little padlocks is perfect for backpacks, bags, and suitcases, wherever you are headed. TSA-approved and easy to open for inspection; these front access key locks offer practical protection for your belongings.

TSA-approved, these luggage locks are super easy to use and do exactly what you would expect. Built to last, you will be able to travel the world with these keeping your belongings safely tucked up in your suitcase, duffel bag, or backpack.

If you want something that offers more security than just a single travel lock, why not consider a triple lock instead? You can lock your zipper pulls together, lock your luggage handle to your zipper, or even lock your luggage to fixed objects with this nifty little device.

Made from zinc alloy with ABS plastic housing and 2 braided steel cables, this 3-dial combination lock and cable device will keep your luggage well and truly secure while in transit. Keep all your luggage in 1 place, but still enjoy easy access to your purse, wallet, or laptop bag with this unique triple locking system.

Prevent any unwanted opening with this unique steel mesh system that offers a protective and lockable netting for your luggage. Lightweight and easy to use, the bag protector can be attached to any fixture, allowing you to leave your luggage safe while you explore. Slash-proof and super tough, this is a great addition to your travel security solutions for your next adventure.

It is not mandatory or a legal requirement to use a TSA-approved lock, but it is recommended. If you do not use a TSA lock and your luggage is searched, the TSA will either have to break your lock or cut your luggage to gain access. TSA locks can be accessed by the TSA using a special key and then re-locked, saving you any trouble.

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There are many choices among luggage stores, including department stores, online retailers, and specialty stores. You'll want to consider things like the brands that they carry, the breadth of the selection, and the prices. The question is, Where will you be the most satisfied with your shopping experience? and earned high marks for all rated categories. While the survey respondents were happy with the prices at Costco and quality of the luggage they bought, the retailer scored low ratings when it came to selection and quality of service.

Overall, 92 percent of online luggage shoppers were highly satisfied with their shopping experience compared to 76 percent of walk-in luggage shoppers. In fact, online luggage shoppers were happier with all aspects of buying luggage. Even though the respondents reported higher satisfaction with their online shopping experience, 73 percent percent of respondents who purchased luggage last year made their purchases in a brick-and-mortar store. Only 27 percent bought online.

Among the respondents who rated the 13 retailers, 21 percent bought their suitcases and other luggage at either or, which are both exclusively online vendors. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the survey respondents rated these online retailers highly for all aspects of purchasing luggage.

Whether you've seen them on TikTok or read about them in recent headlines, you probably know that luggage trackers are getting a lot of attention following last summer's airport chaos caused by mishandled luggage and flight cancellations. But how exactly do these tracking devices work, and are they worth all the hype? 041b061a72


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