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Am I fertile? Drum roll please.....

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

After what felt like 10,000 doctor appointments, blood tests, ultrasounds, home testing and self research, the results are in!

The doctor and I had a virtual call late Friday afternoon. I had prepared myself for the worst but was cautiously optimistic. I most definitely did not go through all of this rigorous testing back in 2008, so hopefully that man that said I can't have kids was wrong.

Then the magical words came out of the docs mouth. "Everything looks great, your HSG was clear, FSH looks great, your AMH is 3.7 and all other bloodwork came back normal. In fact your results are above normal, I'd put you in the 35-38 range instead of your real age of 40".

Whoohoo! The feeling of relief flooded me, I had a smile ear to ear, wow this is actually possible? It is amazing to think that this whole time, I probably could have had a baby.

But in saying that, I have no regrets at all, I have had one heck of a life! I did everything I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it and enjoyed my life, the way I see it, I now have the best stories to tell my future baby.

I have to say, life is looking pretty good right about now. Screw you Covid19 pandemic, I got this.

So what next?

Now was the time where I had to decide between the less invasive, easy sounding IUI, or go right into the brutally sounding IVF. The doctor recommended IVF due to my age but said it was ultimately my choice. After all the news I heard, I was so confident that I'd get pregnant and easily and so I advised her I would go with IUI. Why not try the easy way right?

The decision was made, she made me very aware of the risks (she mentioned multiples... GULP) plus some other details about what the procedure would be like. I decided to do a medicated IUI, so that would include some pills and a self injection trigger shot. Cool, easy peasy!!

I had already started taking pre natal vitamins, and was about to get my first Varicella vaccine. One down, one to go in another month, then a month wait before we can try the first IUI.

Based on the dates of the injections and my natural menstrual cycle, we started preparing for a January cycle IUI (it is October). I had 3 months to get my body into a prime baby growing environment (see next post for what I did to prepare my body).

Oh and I need to choose a Donor.

Ok here we go, let the games begin! Oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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